life extension vitamins reviewsIs your schedule so busy that, despite your best efforts, you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

As a single mom who works full time, my life is hectic – but after reading some Life Extension vitamins reviews earlier this year, I am still able to keep my body in top shape.

My New Year’s resolution was to focus more on my health. With young kids and a full-time job, I have to admit that I had let go of myself.  It was time for a positive change.

I decided that I was going to join a gym and eat healthier. After discussing this with a few of my friends, I learned about supplements – though at this point I knew very little about them – so I did a bit of research online.

Fortunately, I found a lot of useful information about LifeExtension, which set me on the right path!

Life Extension Vitamins Reviews: The Good

I found plenty of content online with regards to the company, their site, and their products, and it was almost entirely positive. In fact, after the first few minutes of reading, cynical old me thought “there must be a catch!” or that it was too good to be true. It’s been almost a year but a lot of the reviews shared the same themes.Products - Life Extension

Wide Range Of Products

From cardiovascular health and multivitamins, and decaffeinated green tea and protein supplements, there is something in the variety of products for absolutely everybody. The reviewers online could not stop raving about the vast array of items available on the website – and after using them, neither can I!

High Quality, Low Cost

Considering the superior quality of products, it’s difficult to see how they manage to keep their prices so low. Whether you buy in bulk or you simply buy items as needed, it’s unbelievably easy to save money by ordering from their website.

VIP Autoship

One thing that customers seemed to love in the Life Extension vitamins reviews that I read was the AutoShip feature.  It looked like a God send to somebody with a busy lifestyle such as myself.

Basically, you choose the products and quantities you want and set a schedule for delivery. Then your orders will be delivered on that exact schedule, meaning less time wasted at the computer and more time living life!

And the best thing about the AutoShip feature? You’ll always get the cheapest multi-bottle discount available!

12-Month Return Policy5

When I first read about this in the Life Extension vitamins reviews that I read, I was amazed. There aren’t many companies out there who offer this!

In short, if you’re unhappy with your ordered products for any reason, they’ll allow you to return them. What this means is that you are safe in the knowledge that you will either love the products that you ordered, or get your money back!

Life Extension Vitamins Reviews: The Bad

During my time spent researching, I was amazed to only find one negative thing said about the company. Out of hundred of reviews, I found one sentence (which, by the way, was at the very end of an extremely positive review!) which wasn’t praising the site!

New Domain

As somebody completely new to this site, reading the one negative sentence in that review confused me a little.
It mentioned how they weren’t pleased with the change in domain, as they preferred the old one. I found this very odd, as the company had simply transferred to a domain which is easier to remember – especially useful for me, as I recommend the site and their products to my friends and family all of the time!

Seriously. Out of however many reviews that I read, the one negative comment that I find is in relation to somebody not liking the ring of the new domain. Ridiculous!

Why I Went From Reading To Being A Regular Customer!

It’s all well and good talking about the stuff that I read online as I was researching my New Year resolution. It’s another matter entirely to discuss my personal experience. The fact of the matter is that since my first order was delivered, I haven’t been able to shut up about Life Extension!

Being a mother to young children I have a tendency to research things extensively online before I even consider buying anything, and that’s exactly what I did prior to placing my first order. Despite the fact that every LifeExtension review that I had read was positive, I was still pleasantly surprised by the whole experience of my first order.

img_01982_bigRelatively inexperienced at that point with health supplements, I decided that the first item that I’d try out would be a multivitamin. Up until that point I had only ever used my local supermarket’s own brand and hadn’t really felt any benefits.

After reading the product description for Two-Per-Day Multivitamin Capsules, I soon discovered why. Many over the counter vitamins have only trivial amounts of the nutrients advertised, whereas this product offers high concentrations of those essential nutrients. Of course, this information was easy to come by, thanks to the amazingly simple and descriptive product overviews offered on the website.

The combination of an easy to navigate website, excellent product descriptions, low price and quick delivery had me feeling better before I had even taken my first capsule!

Since the day that those capsules were delivered, I have been taking them as instructed. I’ve not missed a single capsule (thanks in no small part to the AutoShip feature). I cannot say for sure that the multivitamin is the reason for this, but since that day, I have not had a day off work due to sickness – despite my children’s best attempts at giving me their illnesses!

From multivitamins, I soon advanced to using their proteins after my daily power walk. I honestly can’t get over how much they have been helping my thighs and calves recover the morning after a long one! Previously I ached for days if I pushed myself to the limits – some days it was unbearable – but since making the switch to Life Extension protein, my recovery time has reduced significantly and I am ready to push myself further and further each week!

In the future I can honestly say I wouldn’t even consider another brand when it comes to purchasing health products and nutritional supplements. The service and items have been of the highest quality and I just cannot stress how fortunate I feel to have found LifeExtensionVitamins!

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